Security Benefits of Window Intercom Systems

Security Benefits of Window Intercom Systems

Security Benefits of Window Intercom Systems

More than 18 months ago, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the COVID-19 breakout a global pandemic. Since then, all day-to-day activities have undergone drastic shifts disrupting societies and economies across the globe. The air transport ecosystem and the airport industry were highly impacted by the pandemic due to the nature of the virus. Subsequent social distancing on travel behaviour was imposed by the authorities and people had to adapt to health and safety processes within the environmental particularities of the COVID-19 situation. 

After all, efficiency and security are vital at airports to keep passengers safe and operate the business smoothly. While full-scale social restrictions and anti-virus measures were enforced by the govermental bodies in many countries, the airport counter area was revamped with protective equipment obligations for social distancing between passengers and check-in staff members. At first, these measures came to be a crucial experience for some passengers who wore masks but the window intercom system was considered to be one of the most effective forms of safety engagement during a crisis.

The system can also be seen at medical institutions, hotel reception, ticket counters, banks and other areas where two-way communication is controlled by a counter shield. 

 What is a window intercom system?

The NF-2S Window Intercom System is a set of communication tools designed to make two-way conversations easier when a partition or face mask gets in the way. It consists of a sub-unit and a base unit. Optional headset can be used for better hearing clarity. When dealing with customers or passengers, the staff exchange audio communications with stable sound and high-quality speech intelligibility. The sub-unit is connected to the base unit, where the volume functions can be easily adjusted based on how the message is being received and interpreted. 

 Benefits of the two-way counter window intercom systems

Improves communication

Busy places like the airport require clear speech transmissions. Information on check-in counters, passports, and security control must be communicated or announced loud and clear without the need to constantly clarify and double-check with the passengers. In this regard, misinterpreting must be avoided at all costs. Hence, the window intercom system ensures every single word is audible for daily routine as well as emergencies. 

Light-weight and versatile

Intercom systems like the NF-2S are built for easy usage and management. Made with built-in magnets, the components stick together on the acrylic partition without the need to add any metal fittings if alterations are made during the installation of the system. The overall design of the intercom device system has been simplified with less technical complexity, thereby presenting no difficulty in functional practice. 

Detects human voice acutely

The NF-2S model system can detect human voices, even in an environment where high levels of noise are experienced. Due to the noise cancellation feature, conversations are heard at optimal volume through the partition and people need not raise their voices too loud. 

 Invest in a window intercom system for clear transmission

At this point, you are probably convinced that our window intercom system can provide an improved communication experience for your business or industry. As the leading manufacturer in Asia Pacific, TOA Electronics serves the public with highly optimal audio capabilities and solutions. Contact us today. 

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